STEP 2 - Create dataspace with activation code

If you receive an activation code from the TrustRelay team, they will probably indicate the region on which you can use it, e.g. for Swiss customers, the portal is

Click on the submenu option "Create new dataspace"

A drawer will open where you can set the new dataspace name and the activation code.

Set the required fields and click the button "Create new dataspace" to proceed.

Good to know: In a demo environment, sometimes this action can take a minute or two. If after two minutes you don't receive a notification try to click refresh on the submenu or type F5 to force a complete page refresh in your browser.

Once this operation has completed, you will be able to see a new tile in the "Dataspaces" section.

At this point you can click the button "Redirect" which will take you to your freshly created dataspace.

Congratulations you have just created your first TrustRelay dataspace.

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