STEP 1 - Get access to a Common

Commons created by others

Normally in a dataspace, you have the possibility not only to publish your own data, but also to request access to Commons (what is a Common?) that other partners have made available in the dataspace. In this section we will show you how to request the access to such Commons.

Open the main drawer by clicking the Top-left Hamburger Icon then click on the option "Commons".

Then click on the submenu "Request access" located near the page title.

A drawer will open on the right side.

Select an available common e.g.

Once a Common has been selected, you are able to click on the link "Accept agreement" which will open a new tab displaying all the relevant information related to the Data-sharing Agreement that is attached to the corresponding common.

Good to know: Accepting the data-sharing agreement is not needed for accounts that share the same email domain and the same organizational unit than the creator of the common.

If you're happy with the terms and conditions of the data-sharing agreement you can go back to the previous browser tab, tick the option "Accept agreement" and finally click the button "request access".

Congratulations. You have requested access to a new Common.

Good to know: If you are using a demo environment there is no electronic signature required. Additionally the agreement will be automatically pre-approved.

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