STEP 4b- Enable anonymous invitations

Once you have setup your dataspace and are ready to invite others. You have the choice to invite them personally through their email, or you can create an anonymous invitation link to distribute in multiple channels.

In this section, we'll show you how to enable an anonymous invitation link that you can distribute to any number of persons, provided you have enough seats in your subscription.

Click on the Account Icon in the top-right navigation of your screen.

A popup will appear, click on the "Settings" option. It will take you to the settings page in your TrustRelay dataspace.

Once in the settings page, click on the submenu option "Set anonymous invite".

A drawer will open on the right side.

Make sure the top option is set to enabled, click on the inner left button within the invitation URL textbox to copy the link to your clipboard.

You can now use this link to send emails to any group of people that may be interested to join your dataspace.

Good to know: You can also use this link to invite your own colleagues or to multiple organizations. TrustRelay will categorize them according to their email domain.

Congratulations. You have set an anonymous invitation link.

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