Create your first common

Login and select the desired dataspace

Once logged-in in TrustRelay, select the desired dataspace where you would like to create the data-sharing agreement template.
If you notice a warning symbol on the dataspace selector, it means you haven't selected a dataspace yet.
No dataspace selected yet
In that case, click on the dataspace selector and choose the desired dataspace.
Select a dataspace
Once you have selected a dataspace the selector will change its icon.
dataspace selected
Once the dataspace has been selected, open the main drawer by clicking the Top-left Hamburger Icon then click on the option "Commons".
Then click on the submenu "New" located near the page title.
Click on New option
A drawer will open on the right side.
Set a name for the common, select a connection and template agreement and click the button Create new common.
Good to know: A service connection can only be used once for a single common.
Congratulations. You have published your first common.