Create your first data-sharing agreement template

Login and select the desired dataspace

Once logged-in in TrustRelay, select the desired dataspace where you would like to create the data-sharing agreement template.
If you notice a warning symbol on the dataspace selector, it means you haven't selected a dataspace yet.
No dataspace selected yet
In that case, click on the dataspace selector and choose the desired dataspace.
Select a dataspace
Once you have selected a dataspace the selector will change its icon.
dataspace selected
Once the dataspace has been selected, open the main drawer by clicking the Top-left Hamburger Icon then click on the option "Template agreements".
Navigate to Template agreements
Then click on the submenu "New Template" located near the page title.
Click on New template
Fill-in the information requested throughout the wizard until you reach the confirm step:
Follow the steps on the wizard
Click on finish to create a new template agreement.
Click on Finish
Congratulations. You have created your first data-sharing agreement template.